Located in the eastern periphery of Delhi, Ghaziabad is emerging rapidly as a major residential nucleus for the IT professionals who work in Delhi and Noida. Owing to its close proximity to the location of the Commonwealth Games, the demand for flats for sale in Ghaziabad is high as well.
Mumbai is a major Financial Hub of the world. In fact, it is the Commercial Capital of India, and that makes this city incredibly busy with lots of hustle and bustle in most of the places.
Once a little town with a little Lake, Vastrapur has now changed into a princely region with a Lake Front and shopping centers. Vastrapur was at one time a small town, primary city in Ahmedabad and has bit by bit with advancement and development converged with the city. It has a lake which in the last five to seven years has been redeveloped.
Kolkata or the City of Joy is one of the best and most happening metros of India. A large number of people have this dream of owning a residential property in Kolkata. This city, which has some of the most expensive residential localities is known to have a number of affordable areas where the common man can buy a decent home and settle down.
Hyderabad is experiencing tremendous growth in recent years. If you are looking to invest in property in Hyderabad then here are several places that might interest you.
Mumbai has seen a huge population growth in the past few decades. Many people from all over the country have migrated to Mumbai for various reasons. Some have migrated for studies, whereas others have migrated for job opportunities, which has left Mumbai over-populated.
Bachupally is one of the emerging suburbs in the region of Telangana. It belongs to the Medchal District. Before the reorganization of districts, it used to be a part of Ranga Reddy District.
Mumbai is the dream city for many souls in India because of the trade and commerce activities as well as from the perspective of entertainment industry that has its main base in this city.
Chinchpokli is a neighbourhood in South Mumbai. The place is named after the Marathi words for tamarind (chinch), and betel nut (pofali). Chinchpokli receives a healthy demand for residential properties in Mumbai. It has many places to visit and with proper facilities surrounding it.
City zoning laws may set up the Floor Space Index (FSI) inside a specific range to restrict the measure of development and the extent of structures in a specific zone. Since the FSI is a measure of the blend of the length and impression of a building, utilizing it to control estimates permits more flexibility in building outline than utilizing both of the estimations by themselves.

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