Chennai is the top-most metropolitan city of South India. It was the naval base from the Britishers time and it was the urban center in the 20th century. There has been phenomenal industrial growth, so more and more people started coming to the city for the sake of jobs. This has increased the demand for real-estate. Now, Chennai is one of the top real estate destinations in the world. You will get facilities such as Chennai Mass Rapid Transit System, Metro Rail, Sub Urban Rail Network, and

Chennai happens to be the fourth largest economy in India and also one of the best cities to live in. One of the major reason is the city’s rapid economic growth as a major IT hub in Asia.
Home buyers have always felt insecurity due to the scams played by various fraud estate companies. But in the current year, real estate business has taken a new turn with various influences from government. Here are some of the major names that are responsible for a more transparent and buyer-friendly real estate market.
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