If you are a foodie person, Hyderabad is the place for you. It is one of the fastest growing cities of India. Hyderabad has many historical incidents and it is one of the loveliest places to settle down. You may find tremendous traffic loads, though it is known to be the lowest polluted city. The city has remains of the ancient Mughals and Nizams as you will find many palaces and other historical places within the city. 

The city is renowned as the most well-planned city. So, it will be a great

Hyderabad is experiencing tremendous growth in recent years. If you are looking to invest in property in Hyderabad then here are several places that might interest you.
Bowenpally is recognized as a predominantly upper-middle-class area. It is situated in the North-West region of Hyderabad. It is an ideal locality to invest in property in Hyderabad. The old and serene locality still exists even after the advent of newer residential complexes.
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