Mumbai is a major Financial Hub of the world. In fact, it is the Commercial Capital of India, and that makes this city incredibly busy with lots of hustle and bustle in most of the places.
Mumbai has seen a huge population growth in the past few decades. Many people from all over the country have migrated to Mumbai for various reasons. Some have migrated for studies, whereas others have migrated for job opportunities, which has left Mumbai over-populated.
Billionaires in India love spending on houses and some of their residences are lavish enough to put many a rulers of some kingdoms to shame. They are the primary clients of the real estate market in India and their homes redefine luxury. Here is a look at some of the most expensive homes possessed by the who’s who in the country.
Mumbai is the dream city for many souls in India because of the trade and commerce activities as well as from the perspective of entertainment industry that has its main base in this city.
Chinchpokli is a neighbourhood in South Mumbai. The place is named after the Marathi words for tamarind (chinch), and betel nut (pofali). Chinchpokli receives a healthy demand for residential properties in Mumbai. It has many places to visit and with proper facilities surrounding it.
City zoning laws may set up the Floor Space Index (FSI) inside a specific range to restrict the measure of development and the extent of structures in a specific zone. Since the FSI is a measure of the blend of the length and impression of a building, utilizing it to control estimates permits more flexibility in building outline than utilizing both of the estimations by themselves.

"Buying a house for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience for many. You need to first decide the city that you want to live in and also decide the type of house as well. Suppose you want to purchase a luxury flat in Mumbai then there may be many questions clouding your mind, right from how to choose a home best suited for your needs to which lender to approach for a home loan. You have to be very careful while taking the plunge, because a new home not only means a hefty investment

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