Buying a house in the National Capital Region is on the top of the priority list of anyone who wishes to make an investment in the world of real estate. The demand for real estate coupled with world-class infrastructure has only lead to the increase in price of real estate. 

This, however, does not mean that buying a 3bhk flat in Delhi is impossible. This is because there are a number of real estate developers whose rates vary a lot. Prices of real estate also tend to vary depending on the

The sole objective behind imposing such heavy charges on the buyers on account of refusal or return is the ideology of dispersing non-serious buyers from the deal. DDA has announced to levy such penalty for the breach of contract for its new housing scheme that will be initiated by mid of June. In the year 2014, due to the absence of strict charges, almost 50% of the buyers returned the flats, and as a consequence of the same, DDA suffered substantial losses.
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