Best Weekend Gateways Near Mumbai

Mumbai is a major Financial Hub of the world. In fact, it is the Commercial Capital of India, and that makes this city incredibly busy with lots of hustle and bustle in most of the places. This results in everybody maintaining a tight schedule- beginning with grownups to kids alike. The daily schedule can get a bit tiring and to replenish yourself you can go to the weekend getaways. There are many real estate developers who are coming up with new residential projects in Mumbai as well as in these adjacent areas of Mumbai. If you like you may go for one of those properties as well. The destinations are:

  • Durshet

This place is about 77 Kilometers from the city and its main attractions are rappelling, Ziplining, and trekking. The river Amba flows through it and it is in the Sahyadri Ranges in the state of Maharashtra. 

  • Lonavala  

It is one of the small and lovely hill stations of Maharashtra which happens to be only 83 Kilometers from Mumbai. It is picturesque as lush green valleys surround it. Camping, trekking, and waterfall rappelling are its main attractions. Nature lovers come here attracted by the awesome beauty of the place and same could be said about the adventure lovers. 

Also there are more destinations that you can look out as weekend gateways from Mumbai by following below post

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