Bandra Set to Become Most Expensive Locale in Mumbai

Mumbai is the dream city for many souls in India because of the trade and commerce activities as well as from the perspective of entertainment industry that has its main base in this city. The financial, entertainment and commercial capital of India therefore is vital when it comes to the real estate sector because people flocking towards this city will obviously look for a place of residence. However, amongst the variety of habitats in domain of Mumbai real estate, there are segregations based on the status of the society residing in a particular area and likewise, the property rates also vary accordingly. In terms of the most high profile areas in Mumbai, Bandra is one of the primary choices amongst the lot. 

Bandra – The Queen of Suburbs

Bandra Kurla Complex is an iconic area of Mumbai that is a very busy zone as well. This is because of the large numbers of shopping complexes, healthcare institutes, educational organizations and recreation provisions packed in this area. Due to the presence of so many commercial outlets, the place is a bit crowded and always suffers from traffic snarls. However, in spite of all these factors, the place has got some of the highest property rates because of the reason that it is primarily inhabited by the topmost people of the society. This not only includes the celebs and popular people but also executives of eminent MNCs and other managerial cadre expatriates who prefer to stay in this area even though it might be a pretty expensive affair. 

Of late, even the businessmen are shifting their bases increasingly to Bandra and the headquarters of many reputed companies are located in this zone too. In other words, the place is more like a haven for the corporate houses and this is the main reason behind the ever-rising prices of real estate Mumbai especially in Bandra Kurla Complex. However, after significant development in the Bandra West area, the place has already saturated to the maximum possible extent and therefore, the costs of real estate commercial and residential properties in Mumbai of this region are the highest. 

In fact, redevelopment and revamping activities in the Mumbai real estate genre has already expanded and initiated in the Bandra areas as well that will take up another 4-5 years to expand beyond the central areas of Bandra and move outwards for further development. Things have already started moving with various real estate players already coming forward for making the most of the upcoming opportunity in terms of real estate in Bandra. However, it is the Bandra East that is increasingly being utilized for the refurbishing purposes as obviously, Bandra West is left with no sufficient place for remodeling to that extent.

But, when it comes to the real estate Mumbai picture either new projects or luxurious homes in Mumbai, the scenario of Bandra’s development is quite rewarding as the infrastructure of this place is witnessing one of the most steep rides exponentially and the level of real estate investment is all set to take a massive leap within 5-6 years from today with the topmost sections of the society migrating more to this area.

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