Top Localities In Hyderabad For Real Estate Investment

Hyderabad is undergoing a tremendous transformation. Improvements are being witnessed in almost all the sectors including residential and commercial infrastructure. Hyderabad was once a region which was experiencing the slowest growth in the past three-four decades. However, that has changed with time. More and more developers are now interested in investing in the city, and this has led to increased interest from the investors who are looking to buy decent apartments and property in Hyderabad

 The superior infrastructure development in recent years combined with affordability and comfort has been instrumental in the development of this city. Hyderabad has become one of the most preferred destinations for investment for home buyers. In Hyderabad, four localities are progressing pretty quickly and are among the most sought after ones when it comes to real estate investment. 

  1. Nizampet: One of the fastest growing suburbs in the entire Hyderabad, Nizampet is one of the most affordable options when it comes to investing in budget housing. The proximity to IT corridor has made it one of the most desirable locations to buy flats. You might get flats for sale in Nizampet for a price between INR 2,500-3000 sq/ft. The biggest strengths of this area are its proximity to the national highway and the airport. Apart from this, it is also an educational hub. 

  1. Attapur: Located in the south west of Hyderabad, Attapur is one of the major suburbs of the city. The expressway of Mehdipatnam-Aramgarh which goes through Attapur is one of the major connecting points between the other cities and Hyderabad. Investing in flats for sale in Attapur can fetch good returns in the future.

  1. Kukatpally:  Kukatpally is an important part of the Hyderabad province. Following the split, it has experienced tremendous growth in terms of infrastructure. Few of the major attractions of this area are its social infrastructure, knit connectivity, and its proximity to Hitech city.  Investing in flats for sale in Kukatpally can fetch good returns in the future.


  1. Miyapur: Miyapur has been becoming increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s mainly because of the overall development that is coming in the area. Investing in flats for sale in Miyapur is a smart option as it is bound to yield higher returns. 

Apart from these main regions, if you decide to invest in a new residential projects in Hyderabad then there are several things that you must look out for: 

Education: By far, this is the social institution which is the most essential. Quality education is necessary and regardless of wherever you move it is important that you have a quality educational facility for your kids nearby. 

Connectivity: Connectivity is an important aspect and one needs to make sure that the area is well connected by roads and other means of transport. so travelling is not an obstacle. 

Social Infrastructure: It is essential that you have other social infrastructure in place such as hospitals, public parks, etc. 

These are the few things that you must keep an eye on when purchasing a property in Hyderabad or any other region. You can check out the best properties in Hyderabad by clicking here.


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