Paldi - A Real Estate Destination for the Future in Ahmedabad

In the northern India, One of the leading states is Gujarat. This state is known for its historical places as well as prosperity since ages. The city of Ahmedabad falls in the center of the state, and hence it is known as a center for trade as well as political movements. 

In the city of Ahmedabad over a period a number of villages in the proximity also developed. These villages include Mithakhali, Navarangpura, Naranpura, Paldi, Kocharab, Chandkheda, Usmanpura, Vadaj and Maninagar. 

The Paldi is an area that is known for a number of reasons. Before a few years, it was just a typical small village like other villages in India where the residents were engaged in agriculture as well animal husbandry. The area was quite known for its greenery and agriculture, and females were engaged with household work.

However, over last century the scene of the village is completely changed, and in last few decades, it has become the hub of transportation as well as corporate sector. There are some companies that have got their headquarters here such as Ambuja Cement and Wagbakri Tea Processors. Some of the renowned banks also have got their regional office in this area. The area is flooded with showrooms of various brands where one can get everything from gold to grapes. 

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Important Places:

There are many important temples in this area which include Jalaram Temple, Dharnidhar Derasar, and Mahalaxmi Temple as well as Panchmukhi Hanuman temple. It is also known as a hub of transportation as one can get a bus from this area to move to any corner of the state as well as the country. 

There are many old societies in this area. Some of the renowned societies in this area are Sharda Society, Jain Merchant Society, and Mahalaxmi Society. There are many bungalows still standing in these societies narrating the stories of the glorious past. However, with the development of the area, many people have sold bungalows, and many 3 bedroom apartments have come up as many people love to live in this area. The area is known for a Jain population more while there are also many other communities here. 

As far as the life standard in the area is concerned, one can see accommodation where rich, upper middle level and middle level, as well as lower-middle-level people, also live. All the necessary items for the routine life are easily available in this area. There are petrol pumps, schools, colleges, premium institutes, coaching centers, sports centers, gardens, hospitals and hotels in the area which can help one live the life peacefully. Considering the importance of this area, many developers have various schemes here for rich as well as middle-income group people where one can easily get a quality home and stay in a good environment. Many of the schemes are also full of premium facilities which one can hardly get in such a developed area. 

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