Are Well Known Real Estate Biggies Stepping Out of Their Comfort Zones

About real estate market

Real estate in India is one of the booming fields like IT sector. As population increases year by year so is the need for houses and flats. Metro cities are the first place where lots of people buy and sell residential properties. Many top property builders in India have their first foot in metro cities. But now, a trend shown by developers is buying so many acres of land in Tier II and Tier III cities. This article will deal about the same.

Real estate market in comfort zone

Many top brand realtors always have a method for themselves in real estate market. They have their own rules and regulations for buying and selling houses or flats. They never change it even for the flexibility of customers. They gather customers who can buy houses according to their conditions. This comfort zone is majorly created for not losing business. The other important fact for real estate marketers resting in comfort zone is that they all have their centers in important metro cities where population strength is more. So, they keep on buying plots in those areas and construct buildings.

Reasons for real estate marketers coming out of comfort zone

  • Improvement in Tier II and Tier III cities

Tier II and Tier III cities are fast developing in India due to equal importance of business segments shown to them. Hence many businesses, IT and textile parks flourish each year in Tier II and Tier III cities. Due to this, population increases and many workers need houses or flats. 

On noticing this development, many rigid principled property builders in India have started to explore new ideas of starting businesses in Tier II and Tier III cities.  

  • Expansion of comfort zone

If you are selling a house from just one city, even if it is a busy and commercially viable city, sometimes business may go down. If you have more than two business areas, then even if one fails us, another will surely make us comfort by offering normalized business. In this way, real estate in India will not risk itself but tend to expand its comfort zone. So, realtors step out to stay in expanded comfort zone. 

  • Free flow of money

 Real estate business has its own up’s and down’s in business. So, when real estate business is done in more than one area, then you are safeguarding yourself. Sometimes the profit may be more and sometimes you never tend to lose money because of business exposure in many areas. So, there will always be a free flow of money. This free flow of money will help developers to invest more money in other places.


Real estate developers are coming out of comfort and safe zone and are looking forward to stay in expanded comfort zone life longer.

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