Chetla: One of The Top Localities in Kolkata

Chetla is the most sought after locality of Kolkata in real estate market. Belonging to the Presidency Division, Chetla is among the top localities to witness a tremendous rise in the rates of property in Kolkata. The rise in the property rates and changing price trend is due to the ever increasing population of Kolkata. Most of the families looking to buy property in Kolkata look towards chetla and its proximal areas to settle. 


Chetla is connected to its surrounding areas and some major cities of West Bengal by a network of roadways, railways, and airways. It is surrounded by New Alipore on the south. On the east, it is bordered by Raja Santosh Road and on the eastern side, it is surrounded by Sahanagar. The nearest Railway station to chetla is the Howrah Junction railway station situated at a distance of 8 kms. 

Other than that Alipore Railway Station and Majerhat Railway Station are some nearby railway stations. The major bus stop is Chetla bus stop, which connects it to other localities via roadways transport and the operating corporation is the KSTC. Airways is not very good at the time in Chetla as the nearest Airport, located at a distance of 19 kms from Chetla, is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport. Chetla is connected to the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass by Rash Behari Connector.

The traffic in the Chetla area is not bad even at the peak hours as there is sufficient parking space on roads and in multistory buildings.

Profits of The Area

Chetla provides all the social and civic amenities required by the residents to live happily and peacefully. Some major institutions like International Management Institute, Imperial Institute of Commerce, Lakshmipat Singhania Academy among others are located in close proximity. Health services are good with major hospitals like Gautam Laboratories and Dr. Arijit Datta Hospital located nearby. Recreational centers are also provided in the locality. Some of the finest eateries of Kolkata are located in this area. Other then these many famous religious places are situated here. 

Property Market

With most of the people looking towards Chetla to settle down, it is becoming the most sought after residential hub of Kolkata. Developers and builders are continuously investing here. Apartments in Chetla have prices in between the range of Rs. 30 lakhs – Rs. 60 lakhs. Some Apartments are even priced at Rs. 1 crores – Rs. 3 crores. Independent houses are the top property spaces in Chetla’s Real estate market and have rates ranging between Rs. 60 lakhs - Rs. 1 crores. Price trend in Chetla over last year has increased by 3%. Average rental rates in the area are Rs. 8500 – Rs. 14900 per month. 

Upcoming Possibilities

With the increasing infrastructure and connectivity to Kalighat Metro station, the population of Chetla is increasing rapidly and a boom in the Property market of Chetla is seen. Developers like Fortune Builders and Developers, Fortune Reality, Daffodil Group and Diamond Group are among others who have launched residential projects in the area.

With increased population and ever increasing property market, Chetla is soon to become a well-developed suburb of Kolkata. Investing in Chetla is profitable and future possibilities for this area are positively wide and tremendous.

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