Rajarhat New Town Becomes A Preferred Investment Destination For Speed

Rajarhat New Town is a zone in Kolkata that attracts the numerous investors because of the rapid growth in civic and social infrastructure. The Kolkata city comprises of numerous important destinations for both the residential and commercial uses. The area Rajarhat New Town is one of the important destinations in Kolkata that occupy the leading position in terms of realty investment and development. The region attracts people to invest in property in Kolkata thanks to the rising number of corporates setting up shop here. 


Rajarhat is the locality in Kolkata that is older around 25 years. The development in the infrastructure growth led to create new facilities for the residents. The sizes of the properties are differed starting from 365 feet to 8000 square feet. The locality is observed to be the leading destination of infrastructure growth. The infrastructure growths are identified by development of the new construction projects, provision of the continuous electrical power supply, provision of the continuous water supply, establishment of the parks, establishment of the hospitals, presence of the educational institutes, establishment of the shopping complexes, hotels and all other amenities in the environment. The price of this region is not similar to that of the property in Kolkata. 

New Town

New town is another locality that exists as one of the important investment hubs in Kolkata and they have wide variety of factors in their infrastructure. The investors identify the regions with their unique development in the infrastructure. The proximity to other places and suburbs in the city attracted the individuals for choosing these areas for either residential or commercial uses. The prices vary from Rs. 3700 per square feet to Rs. 5000 per square feet and are considered as pretty reasonable. These property rates are reasonable when compared with the other property in Kolkata. 


The facilities included are the availability of water, electrical power supply, proper drainage maintenance, and much more. 


Both the areas offer easy proximity to all major places and suburbs of the city. The destinations can be reached through buses, vehicles and the railway buses along with major roads. The destinations such as Eastern Metropolitan Bypass (EM Bypass), Belgharia Expressway, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport and others can be reached easily. 

Percentage of Capital returns and Rental returns

The costs of the area range from Rs. 3500 square feet to Rs. 4500 square feet with a percentage increase of about 6 to 7 percent every year. The capital returns and rental returns are very high in these regions. This factor has added to the interests of the real estate developers and all other investors for occupying these regions. These areas with their capital returns and rental returns widely contribute to the development of real estate Kolkata. 

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