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As more and more development happens in the Noida and Gurgaon areas of NCR, the domino effect of this can also be seen in the neighboring area of Ghaziabad, where a lot of new properties are coming up. Ghaziabad real estate has indeed received a great push due to the development efforts being made in the Noida and Gurgaon region and a number of localities which were earlier not that lucrative for investors and buyers, have suddenly started looking very good. If you are looking to invest in property in Ghaziabad and want to buy a good piece of it, for investment or for self-use, then the city can indeed be the destination where you might be headed. 

The new areas which have caught the investors’ eye in Ghaziabad have been mentioned below and they are likely to yield immense benefits in the near future due to the turnaround in the real estate rates of Ghaziabad.


This is an area in Ghaziabad which is seeing renewed investor interest due to the great deal of development happening here and the improvements in terms of infrastructure, connectivity and the public transport system. There are both new and resale properties available in this area which can be of interest to a potential buyer or investor, based on the needs and the depth of the pockets. This area is likely to see a boom in the coming days and the prices for the properties will surely go up, so it is better to invest now and reap the benefits at a later date. Residential property in Ghaziabad is a sector that is booming due to the starting of a lot of new projects and the market prices for owning them are only going to increase now. 


This is yet another prime and developing area of Ghaziabad where efforts are being made to develop the real estate and the prevalent prices are low, but would rise in the coming future due to the push being given to Ghaziabad real estate. The place is comparatively closer to Delhi and all the major hubs of corporate and social life and enjoys good connectivity in the region. Even though developments are taking place, the general trend has put this place in the slightly unsafe ones and this is the reason why the property rates are still low. However, with the rate of development and the increased focus of the administration, these issues are likely to be tackled soon.

Raj Nagar Extension

This is among one of the newly developed areas of Ghaziabad and still has a lot of new flats available for buyers and investors. There are many under construction apartments as there is an increasing demand of apartments in Ghaziabad and this is one of the better off places in the neighborhood. Many places in this locality are still under construction and you can own a good piece of land at a very good price and be sure of a raise as the project reaches completion. The developments being made in the area are making this place more and more lucrative for investors and buyers. 

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