Don’t be Fooled by Sample Flats by Developers

Buying a house in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai or any other city of your choice that is well designed and built must be everyone's dream and the only way real estate developers are able to lure customers in is through building sample flats. Especially real estate developers in India use this method to explain to their customers that their future flat will look like this. But once they receive their complete flat it never looks like what they have thought of and this issue is still a mystery as to why companies do this. So most probably no person gets what they desire but here are some ways as to which we can see as to how they are different from real flats.

How are Sample Flats Different From Real Flats?

The points noted here will give a brief comparison as to how sample flats are different from the real flats and how the buyer can deduce whether it sticks to their plans or not.

  • The front doors are much thicker and wider in the sample flat than the real flat because of the better quality in creating an illusion of a spacious flat. It is not so in a real flat as they are thinner and smaller.

  • Tons and tons of glass will be used in the sample flat making more space available while also being able to let in lots of light.

  • Ceilings will be way higher in the sample flat rather than the real one because they are built on top of each other in high rises and height constraints come into play.

  • The lighting will be more elaborate and luxurious whereas in the real flat in Pune or in any other location the person has to decide about how to light up the house.

  • The furniture is also extremely beautiful and blends well with the design but in the real one, it is up to us as to how we design our houses.

  • The sample flat will give a basic look at a modular kitchen but with a difference in quality hardware which cannot be said of the same in the real flat.

  • For the sample flats, the walls will be made of gypsum which can be easily demolished whereas the buyer will get concrete limiting more space but in gypsum, it will be the opposite due to the thinner quality of the material.

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Steps to Follow to Not Get Disappointed

Yes, some of them may be disappointed and sad that they did not get what they wished for but here are some of the steps one can take to avoid them in the future when buying a flat.

  • Try to visit the sample and raw flats simultaneously so as to get a comparison as to how the house is going to look like.

  • While visiting the flat try to design and visualize a basic plan around what theme to follow for the house.

  • Try not to hesitate and ask questions to the builder about the flat dimensions and measure how the real flat compares to the sample one.

  • Visit the site as regularly as possible to make changes if necessary.


To conclude some of them might be disappointed as to how the sample flat will be different from the real flat and it will not be as how they had planned it. Nowadays for real estate developers in India, their job is to woo customers and the only way they can do this is to build classy sample flats to impress the customers but ultimately it doesn't turn out the same and the blame will go to the real estate developer. But when the necessary steps are taken and the buyer is able to accept some of the facts as to how sample flats are made then they are able to have a deeper understanding as to why they are different.

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