Daryaganj Makes for Prime Destination for Vintage Properties

In spite of the westernization of much of our sensibilities, there are some of us who still prefer the old world charm and find the attraction of vintage buildings irresistible. Daryaganj, situated in one of the oldest parts of Delhi in Shahajahanabad, is still home to mesmerizing havelis and though many of them are being demolished to make way for new apartment buildings by promoters, the area has still managed to retain much of its charm and provides a host of amenities for the middle class public to be tempted enough to buy property in Delhi

Daryaganj is serviced very well by the Delhi Metro with two stations situated very close by, one at Chandni Chowk and the other at Chowri Bazaar. The shops and markets lining the streets of old Delhi will help you find almost every essential item. The main roads also have a couple of swanky coffee shops and retail outlets but the locality would be a gem for those who are looking forward to vintage stuff. 

So chances are than one can happen to come across rare vintage properties here that are not found in any other part of the city. DTC buses and private buses intersect the region at various locations and autos ply too, but the traffic in Daryaganj, like any other part of Old Delhi is always high. 

Hence flats in Daryaganj are mostly available in the form of independent floors in old houses and one would not find many swanky apartments here, though some standalone buildings have come up over time after old houses have been bought and demolished by the developers. The flats can cost around Rs 35 lakhs for a 600 sq feet small 2 BHK flat and can go up to over a crore for a 3 BHK house. Flats here are sold at rates of about Rs 10,000 per sq feet and about Rs 70,000 per sq yard in case of villas with gardens. Houses here are mostly characterized by open courtyards so there are ample space to move about.

 Some also buy old and vintage properties here and renovate them to be later converted into art galleries and boutiques with an old world charm. Normally flats for sale in Delhi in the very heart of the city are not very easy to come by but prices here are still somewhat within reach for the middle class. 

If one is looking for 3 BHK flats in Daryaganj, one can have access to quite a few key locations in the city. Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk and Red Fort are situated within easy distance and the place is literally a book lover’s delight because of the iconic Sunday Book Market which is held here, stretching for more than kilometer and a half. In fact, many national and international publishing houses of repute have their offices here and that has turned this region into a major cultural hub with the area being a popular venue for street plays as well.

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