Area Profile of Ashok Nagar in Hyderabad

Ashok Nagar is a residential area in Hyderabad. This area is a place suitable for commercial purpose. Other than commercial purpose, since important competitive exams are held in this part of the city, it is also suitable for educational purpose.

It is now considered as one of the best place for investment in Hyderabad property. In the near future, this place would be witnessing development of a higher level.

Real Estate

Ashok Nagar provides a homely and lively environment for the residents of Hyderabad. Many real estate agents put up Hyderabad property for sale, rent and purchase.

3 BHK flats in Hyderabad are available at affordable price in the area of Ashok Nagar. These flats are well furnished with a friendly neighborhood. The cost justifies the amenities provided here. Other than well-furnished apartments there are affordable independent homes and residential land.

Prominent Builders

Some prominent builders for Ashok Nagar are:

  • Sri Annapurna Builders

  • Gharonda Builders and Developers

  • Ashoka Developers and Builders

  • Modi Builders

  • Fortune Group


Ashok Nagar is one of the most developed areas of Hyderabad. It has recently seen a rise in the township planning of bungalows, homes, and development of 3 BHK flats in Hyderabad. The RC Reddy Institute for UPSC exams is located in this area.


Ashok Nagar is well connected to various parts of Hyderabad through various public transports. There are multiple TSRCT (Telangana State Road Transport Corporation) operated buses, and the closest Multi-Modal Transport System is at Vijayanagar.

This area has a number of colleges, schools, hospitals and ATMs within its circumference. Hussain Nagar Lake and Indira Park are close to this place and are a well-known tourist attraction.

Why is Ashok Nagar in huge demand?

This area, Ashok Nagar has many facilities catering to daily needs around it and that makes it the most demanding area of Hyderabad.

Various factors that influence high demand of the place are the location of the following land marks around this area:

  • Ascension Mar Thoma Syrian Church

  • Saibaba Temple

  • St Gregorios Orthodox Cathedral

  • Kanaka Durga Temple

  • The Brand Factory


The potential of this area is very high and has a great reputation of being very lively. People of upper middle class usually live in this area hence, lending to it a homely and friendly environment.


Ashok Nagar is one of the most demanded areas of Hyderabad. Staying and choosing a luxurious property in Hyderabad area would be more of a better investment for future. It has a rich heritage with a modern touch.

With the influx of younger generations, forming the student population, various colleges and universities in Ashok Nagar has developed. Unlike any other area, Ashok Nagar has its own beauty. It is quite lively and connected with each and every part of Hyderabad.

The demand of this area for the real estate is never ending.

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