A Sneak Peek into post Presidential Home of the Obamas

When Barack Obama finally gave way to Donald Trump as the President of America, there was a lot of speculation around the fact that where were they going to stay now that they were moving out of the White House in Washington DC. After all, someone who has been used to staying in one of the grandest buildings on the planet for eight years would definitely look forward to moving into a house that lives up to that kind of living experience. 

The question that was in the minds of most people was finally answered when it was revealed that the Obamas would move into a nine bedroom mansion, situated in upscale Washington DC, just about two miles or so from the White House itself, at Kaloroma neighborhood. 

The Obamas are originally from Chicago and they do have their own house there but they chose to stay back in Washington so that they could be near to their younger daughter Sasha, who would be finishing her high school in the city and they did not want to transfer her at such a juncture in her life. The property itself spans over a whopping 8200 sq feet and the owner is Joe Lockhart, who was the former press secretary as well as the senior adviser to President Bill Clinton, and who would be leasing out the 5 million dollar property to the Obamas which he had himself bought in 2014.

  • The mansion in itself is a visual delight and apart from nine bedrooms has eight bathrooms. 
  • The location itself is an envious one as the property is flanked by a dozen embassies and even the current official home of Hillary and Bill Clinton is just about a mile and a half away.
  •  The property boasts of a picturesque garden, with a manicured front lawn and a customized terrace.
  • The interiors too have been done extremely tastefully and have quite a few precious artifacts.
  •  Décor accessories have pastel shades and there a large and welcoming fireplace that is the center of attraction in the living room. 
  • There is a grand staircase that leads to the upper floor from the lobby and has a well equipped gourmet kitchen two ovens and six burner stove. 
  • One of the rooms in the upper floors have been converted into a well equipped gym as the Obamas are very much into fitness and another room has been converted into the office room for the Obamas. 

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While all former US Presidents have been continuously given Secret Service protection even after leaving office, the Obamas would have a restructured security plan that will be in place to protect both the premises as well as the inhabitants. 

Moreover, the entire neighborhood would undergo some changes like clearing bushes for uninterrupted and clear line of vision in all directions, changing the local parking rules, installations of bullet proof doors and windows in the mansion and lighting up the entire neighborhood and others. Clearly, the Obamas have managed to make everyone sit up and take notice with their choice of property. 

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