Important Vaastu Guidelines for Buying or Moving to Rental Property

Vaastu is a traditional system of Hindu architecture. It is followed by Indians before buying a new home. As per the experts of the field, it is a science based on the energy that can help one to have progress in life. There is positive and negative energy which can affect the dwellers of the home. Vaastu is a set of principles which help to live life in a smooth way. Most of the home buyers like to purchase property based on Vaastu. It offers different energy that comes from the atmosphere of the land. In order to ensure prosperity and happiness of the family, it is an essential part to construct or shifting home to new place. 

When buying a rental home based on Vaastu Shastra, you get more positive effects and know the best structure of the land. People living in a rental house cannot undertake civil work, if you buy it with Vaastu, then you can avoid faults due to negative energy. 

Important Points To Look While Buying a House

You should keep in mind all the below given important points while buying home.

  • When buying a house make sure that entrance gate must face the north or northeast direction. It helps to enter sun rays on an afternoon in this direction and harms your health. Entrance is also an important point while taking a rental house or buying one. So choose the right direction of the entrance. 

  • You should avoid buying home with south west and south east entrance. 

  • House must be equipped with proper ventilation that provides good cooling to the home. It should have four corners according to the Vaastu. It faces east or north with balconies and windows. If you attach ventilation based on Vaastu, it helps to kill any unwanted smells and germs in the house. 

  • The kitchen is faced in the southeast corner of the apartment. It gives unique look and paints with bright colors. 

  • Kid’s room must be in the place of the Northeast or North West of the home. Windows should be open in the north direction that prevents harmful rays from entering the room.

  • House must be in the shape of rectangular or square, and must not have any extension in the home. 

  • The bedroom should be in a southwest direction and avoid purchasing a home that has a balcony in southwest location. 

Benefits of Vaastu Shastra

Apart from above-given Vaastu instructions, there are several pujas that help you before buying a new house. With the proper knowledge of Vaastu Shastra, one can apply anything before shifting to other property. It is fully based on scientific principles that bring prosperity and good health in the family. This article is very helpful to you when you buy a new house or constructing a new home. Choose the best experts in Vaastu for shifting to a new home. So, buy a new house with Vaastu and live longer without any issues. 

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